A Parable

I’m sitting in a church sanctuary, waiting for the Lovely Lady to finish a rehearsal. It’s a place of worship we’ve never been in, but somehow, we’re not feeling out of place.

The beautiful redhead is perched, with perfect posture, at the Steinway on the stage, taking instructions from a…

Never stop learning; never stop doing new things

I did something new last week

Solomon may have thought there was nothing new under the sun, but this was new to me.

The house in which the Lovely Lady and I live has stood for one more decade than I have. For all those years, the front entrance has been a wooden hollow-core door. It…

Sometimes we make decisions that hurt — and life goes on

It’s a melancholy sort of day

You know, one of those days when things are going okay, but even the triumphs are clouded with a kind of sadness. One of those we got the rain we really need last night, but the storm sent too many of the waiting-for-fall leaves sailing prematurely kind of days.


Lessons from a bad day

It wasn’t that great a day today. One of those Alexander kind of days, in fact. You know — a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Well, it wasn’t all that bad. Except, I lied to a neighbor. I did.

The day actually started well. The heat and air…

The words may get turned around, but our Creator never does

I sit, listening to the quiet of the morning. The morning after, perhaps I should say.

Last night a cold front moved through our region, the lower temperatures of the northern air pushing under the stubborn heat of our southern summer. As usually happens with this situation, the leading edge…

Reasons to move on with our lives without character assassination

How is it that the fear
Banished in the morning light
Claws at my heart now,
Cowering in the new thrown night?

Hyperbole is what that is. Poetic license, taken by one given to flights of imagination. It’s expected when one writes in verse and rhyme.

Still, it’s not so…

Paul Phillips

Christ-follower, writer, Horn player, curmudgeon-in-training. Recovering hypocrite. http://www.spaulphil.com/

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